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On two consecutive foul balls, Chris Herrmann hit Cameron Maybin and the umpire

Things move fast on a baseball field and fastest of all is the baseball itself. Pitchers throw the ball hard and hitters respond by hitting it hard. All the while, all the other players have to try their best to keep up.
In the ninth inning of the Mariners' 11-4 loss to the Rangers, Chris Herrmann played pepper -- as it were -- on consecutive foul balls. He took a 1-1 slider from Jeffrey Springs and fouled it right into Cameron Maybin standing in the on-deck circle:

Springs came back with a slider on the following pitch, and that time Herrmann hit it right to the home plate umpire, Adam Hamari:

Herrmann eventually hit the ball into the field of play -- and even managed to avoid hitting a third person -- when, two pitches later, he doubled to left field. Maybin and Hamari probably breathed a sigh of relief.