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Chris Iannetta huffed to the dugout thinking he struck out, only to be informed he actually walked

Confidence is key to succeeding in MLB. You have to believe you belong up there at the plate. You have to believe every swing can be a home run. You have to believe in your eye for pitches. And you have to believe that when you check your swing on a full count, you will take your base.

Believe in yourself, Chris Iannetta! You made the right call during your nine-pitch at-bat in the sixth inning of Wednesday's matchup with the Rangers. Do not storm off to the dugout, cursing yourself and the baseball gods for striking out with two runners on and two outs -- because you did not strike out at all. You drew the walk you fought for so valiantly. The first-base umpire confirmed that your swing was checked and granted you the base.
So turn around, man.

Alas, Iannetta was caught in a forceout at second base one batter later, which ended the inning and squashed the Mariners' rally attempt as they dropped to the Rangers, 14-1. But for one moment in the sixth inning, Iannetta came out on top.