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Greg Garcia was sure he had struck out looking, but he was in for a surprise

Marathon, extra-innings games can wear on the mind. As the seconds turn to minutes and the minutes turn to hours, things can get fuzzy as #WEIRDBASEBALL approaches.
Friday night's contest between the Dodgers and Cardinals at Busch Stadium was a perfect example of this. After the Cards tied things at 3-3 in the ninth, the game went on for seven more frames, ending in the 16th on a Matt Adamswalk-off homer
An inning before, Greg Garcia faced Bud Norris and took an 0-2 pitch for what he assumed was the third strike. It wasn't, though, and Garcia -- who had already began trotting back to the dugout -- made a heel-turn back to the plate. While we've seen plenty of batters try to coax a walk by leaving the box before a call is made, only to sheepishly return, rarely do you see the inverse:

It all worked out for him in the end, considering he wound up hitting a double later in the at-bat anyway ...