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Chrissy Teigen had some thoughts about the Mets' Spring Training motivational poster

Everyone knows that baseball is more than just a physical game. Sometimes players require a different kind of boost beyond their countless hours of strength training, bullpens and batting practice sessions -- a way to inspire confidence beyond the technical aspects. 
The Mets have seemingly taken a step towards providing this kind of encouragement by way of a new acronym-based motivational poster in the Spring Training clubhouse in Port St. Lucie:

Indeed, these are all fairly standard messages often used by a team to help keep its players focused. But as a fan pointed out, the poster did invoke the image of Creed from The Office:

Chrissy Teigen, everyone's favorite Twitterer, was just barely too late to the same joke:

As for why Teigen even saw the Mets poster in the first place, people were immediately curious. Teigen didn't mince words:

Take note, Major League teams: Any future motivation posters could be subject to Teigen's approval.