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Passing time on the DL, Clayton Kershaw is now manning the Dodgers' dugout phone

Clayton Kershaw hasn't taken the mound for the Dodgers since June 26. He's been shelved since then, stuck on the disabled list with a back issue. We've all been prevented from enjoying his magnificence for far too long.
And yet, as was made evident in the final moments of the Dodgers' 9-3 win over the Phillies on Tuesday night, he's still very much a part of the club. Witness his fielding a phone call pertaining to a potential replay review that, by his estimation, could have gone either way: 

Then again, perhaps he was on the phone with somebody discussing his team's remarkable ascent in the NL West. With Tuesday's victory, the Dodgers tied the Giants atop the division, which is really something when given proper context: 

We do have to wonder, however, if he was on the horn with Mike Napoli chatting about ... well, whatever Napoli was on the phone about few weeks back. 

Stay tuned!