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Clint Frazier added fuel to the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry with a simulated homer over The Monster

With the Yankees and Red Sox finishing within two games of each other in the AL East and both reaching the postseason in 2017, the classic rivalry between two of the oldest and most successful franchises in the sport is alive and well.
Even so, the fire of a healthy rivalry needs fuel from time to time. On Wednesday, Yankees outfielder Clint Frazier provided that fuel:

The image of that ball's projected flight over the Green Monster may bring fear into the hearts of Red Sox fans. It may bring hope to Yankees fans seeing a third slugging outfielder. Either way, Frazier's loud home run in the batting cage provided just one more instance of the rivalry between the Red Sox and the Yankees ramping up in intensity.
Frazier is out to prove that a ball doesn't have to actually clear the Green Monster to make an impact in Boston.