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Let us bid a fond farewell to Clint Frazier's long, flowing locks

Clint Frazier got a haircut on Friday morning. What would normally be a mundane occurrence for others was momentous for Frazier. From the moment he was drafted by the Indians in 2013, Frazier has been defined by his hair (and also, yes, by being a top outfield prospect who mashed 50 dingers in the Minors), but now those long, flowing red locks are no more:

And lo, it was as if millions of hair follicles suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

As's Bryan Hoch reported, Frazier was concerned about adhering to the Yankees' personal grooming policies -- put in place by George Steinbrenner back in 1973 -- and though he could've reined his locks within the team's standards, he was tired of the distraction. So, it was off with it all.
"I finally came to the agreement that it's time to look like everybody else around here," Frazier said.
The outfielder is hardly the first Yankee to sacrifice some hair for the good of the pinstripes. Johnny Damon went from caveman to clean-shaven upon joining the team from the rival Red Sox, while Don Mattingly was famously suspended back in 1991 for refusing to get a haircut -- although at least that last one inspired a great "Homer at the Bat" gag:

Lou Piniella even opposed the policy on theological grounds, pointing out that no less than Jesus himself had long hair. Steinbrenner's response: "You see that pond? Walk across that pond and you can have a beard and long hair." And, just a few days ago, questions arose around C.C. Sabathia's new beard. (Don't worry, he's in the clear.)
On the bright side, at least Frazier did it all for a good cause: