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Watch Clint Hurdle do what we think is dancing

Lee Ann Womack famously sang "Dance like no one's watching." Clint Hurdle followed that advice to the letter before the Pirates took on the A's on Saturday night. 
While the Pirates are known for their dugout dance routines, you better believe no one has ever seen ... whatever ... this is. 

Even better than his dancing is how it ends so quickly -- the power and fury snuffing out so quickly. Just what was he doing though? 
Our guesses: 
- An ice cube was just dropped down his back and he was shivering to get it out. 
- Screaming "Get in the pit and try to love someone." 
- Was in the midst of a daytime night terror. 
- On a night that many people were watching Fourth of July fireworks, Hurdle turned into the personification of Katy Perry's "Firework." 
Turns out, it's much less interesting than that. According to's Adam Berry, the classic rock Grand Funk Railroad jam, "We're An American Band" was playing on the loudspeakers. If only Hurdle had a time machine, perhaps Grand Funk would have written "The Hurdle" instead of "The Locomotion."