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This Minor Leaguer fouled a ball off the stadium roof and right onto his own head

We all learn it at a very young age: What goes up must come down. Alas, Clinton Lumberkings first baseman Nick Zammarelli failed to keep this simple lesson in mind during his team's game against the Peoria Chiefs on Monday night. 

In the third inning, Zammarelli fouled off a pitch from Peoria's Austin Warner. The ball sailed up and off the roof above the third-base side of home plate, and everyone figured that was that. The ball itself, however, had other ideas:


Yes, Zammarelli had the misfortune of getting plunked in the head with his very own foul ball, which is just some all-time bad luck. Let's watch the whole play unfold:

He proceeded to strike out swinging, because the Baseball Gods are not without a sense of humor.