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Watch a timelapse of new Rays outfielder Colby Rasmus' amazing hair

(Bob Levey)

When Colby Rasmus first appeared in the big leagues in 2009, he appeared like most young rookies. His hair was short, his face clean-cut. 
On Monday, the eight-year veteran reportedly signed with the Rays. Suffice to say, he doesn't look like a shy rookie anymore. Instead, he looks more like the guy hanging outside a Led Zeppelin cover band concert. Or perhaps it's more the look of the sci-fi antihero, who will lead the rogue band of humans out of the intergalactic prison they've been trapped in. 
Just watch this gorgeous hair grow and think of how much conditioner has been used over the years. 

Little League Baseball even chimed in to remind us of his hair's humble (and extremely blonde) roots:

What will Rasmus look like in the year 2050? We have an artist's rendition th-- what's that? This happened in the past? Whoa.