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The midges returned to Cleveland, and they may have caused Carlos Carrasco to give up a homer

Remember the 2007 ALDS aka The Day Midges Tried to Take Over the World? Joba Chamberlain probably remembers.

Well, during Wednesday's Astros-Indians game, the bugs returned to Progressive Field. Joba confirmed that he definitely remembers:

Just as they adversely affected free agent pitcher Chamberlain, they presented a problem for Indians starter Carlos Carrasco in the fourth inning. Like, a fly into his eye and wouldn't come out problem:

Hi, Joba.

Yulieski Gurriel would follow the mound visit with a single and then Colby Rasmus hit a two-run, go-ahead homer. And the midges laughed and continued to swarm in glee.
Carrasco talked to's Jordan Bastian after the game:
"It got in my left eye when I was throwing. It doesn't feel good. But I just have to come back and make my pitches. I got a ground ball base hit. And the first pitch he homered it was a bit inside."
Fortunately, for Indians fans, one man was unaffected by the bug invasion -- giving his team the lead once again:

"That was different. It was a little like that last night," Napoli said. "Tonight was a little worse. I remember seeing it in the playoff game, Joba throwing. He had 10,000 of them on his neck. I know it could be worse. That was just part of [the game]. We both had to deal with it."

Manager Terry Francona also weighed in postgame:
"They were everywhere out there. In the dugout, it's hard to sense it, but when you get out on the field, man, they're everywhere. Other than that one that went in his eye, didn't seem like it got in the way too much, but they were all over the place."
The Indians ended up winning the game, 6-5, and Joba Chamberlain and Carlos Carrasco are now best friends forever.