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Watching this college player make a catch while flipping over the fence will make your mouth drop

Let's be honest for a minute. Most of the highlight plays you see are merely "pretty good." A sliding stop to start a double play here, a leaping catch at the wall there. You nod in appreciation, and you move on never to think of that play again.

This is one you're going to watch multiple times. North Greenville University right fielder Jeffrey Chandler went into foul territory in pursuit of a fly ball. It turned out that there was a fence in the way, but that proved to be no deterrent.

Every year, there are a fair share of catches that end with a player flipping over and landing on the other side of the fence. But Chandler made his catch while he was falling to the ground on the other side of the wall. Somehow, the more you watch this catch, the more unbelievable it becomes.