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Convince a Neutral: Should you root for the Red Sox or the Astros in the ALDS?

The postseason is well underway, with two electric Wild Card games already in the rearview mirror. And, if you are a fan of one of the 22 teams whose seasons ended before the Division Series, you are likely entering October as a neutral observer hoping for exciting games every night.

But while October baseball is a thrill for any fan, it is always extra fun to have a horse in the race. That's why we're here to convince you, the neutral, why you should pull for one team or the other. 

The first ALDS match-up features the AL East Champion Red Sox vs. the AL West Champion Astros. There's a lot to like on both sides, so check out this clip to hear why you should cheer on Boston or Houston in this series. 

After listening to our cases, let us know in the Twitter poll below who you're pulling for: