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Craig Counsell once got robbed of a hit by Garth Brooks and released the next day

Most of the time, the Winter Meetings are a place where GMs, managers, players and other MLB executives are wheeling and dealing to make their roster the best it can be for the upcoming season. But, throughout the week, there's also time to get some great stories out of some of the attendees -- like that time Miles Mikolas ate a live lizard

Brewers manager Craig Counsell sat down with Intentional Talk on Wednesday and told one of his own amazing anecdotes. Back in 2000, when the former second baseman was in Spring Training for the Dodgers, he was robbed of a base hit by Mets' celebrity player/country music star Garth Brooks. He was then cut the very next day. Seriously.

Although we don't have footage of this incredible moment, the photo above of Counsell is from a 2000 Spring Training game against the Mets. So, let's just pretend this was after Garth's diving play. Look at how angry Counsell looks. That's definitely the searing, are-you-kidding-me face of a man who just got robbed by Garth Brooks.


As you can hear in the clip above, Counsell's 0-for-15 start also didn't help his chances of remaining on the team (Garth went a combined 2-for-42 in three spring stints).

Fortunately, for us, THAT is why Counsell switched to using one of the greatest batting stances of all-time. He thought it might help -- and it did. Counsell won a World Series with the D-backs in 2001 and enjoyed a very solid 16-year MLB career.

So, thank you, Garth Brooks?