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This outfielder flung himself over a wall to complete the best catch of the college baseball season so far

Sometimes it takes a little bit of time for players to get into top playing form. Major League players are only just starting their full workouts this week in Arizona and Florida. The college baseball schedule, however, is very much under way. And for Liberty University outfielder Ayden Karraker, it didn't matter that it was still mid-February and just the first weekend of the season -- he was going to catch this fly ball no matter what it took:

Ouch! Well, it looked like Karraker's unintended hurtling flip over the short fence down the right-field line could hurt a little bit, but he seems to have stuck the landing considerably well. Going all out to make a catch is one thing, but risking your body for a ball that ultimately would have landed foul takes a special kind of bravery.
It was no surprise to see Karraker's grab earn the No. 1 spot on SportsCenter's Top 10 plays:

Surely Karraker's teammate on the mound was quite thankful for his efforts. We can't see him in the video, but it probably looked something like this: