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The Cubs bullpen has begun a new dancing tradition

There's a fever going on around Wrigley Field -- a dance fever.
Partially inspired by former teammate David Ross' deep run on "Dancing with the Stars," the Cubs just can't stop grooving. Their bullpen recently had a dance-off with the Brewers' crew during a rain delay. Now, as mentioned in the clip above, the Cubs' relievers have taken to dancing anytime the team does something big on offense or defense.
So when Kyle Schwarber, Jason Heyward and Anthony Rizzo all went deep in the Cubs' 4-1 win against the Giants on Tuesday night, a small hootenanny was inevitable. Sure enough:

Manager Joe Maddon told's Carrie Muskat that he is nothing but amused by his team's shenanigans. "They all want to be on that show," Maddon said. "Rizzo wants to be on that show, [Carl Edwards] obviously wants to be on that show. [Bullpen coach] Lester Strode wants to be on that show -- 'Dancing with the Coaches.'"
Maybe that show will be the sequel to Ross' exploits. Maddon could probably bust a move, too.
"That's pretty good stuff," Schwarber said of the bullpen's dance moves. "For them to be doing that out there, it's always a good laugh when you're either on the bench or running the bases, and you see the big board and they're dancing."
The question remains, though -- which Cub rocked it better?