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Cubs fan snags a foul ball in his beer, decides to just chug the beer anyway

If recent baseball history has taught us anything, it's that fans are willing to do just about whatever it takes to reel in a foul ball. One-handing your own baby, sacrificing all of your hard-earned popcorn, ditching all of your personal belongings, you name it -- anything short of giving up a Dodger Dog is fair game. 
But what would happen when that unstoppable force met an unmovable object? When one must choose between that which he would do anything to get, and that which he simply could not live without? One Cubs fan was faced with this existential quandary during Friday's 6-0 win over the Pirates: Miss out on a souvenir, or give up his ice-cold beer for the cause?
Luckily, though, he found a solution -- he caught the ball in his cup, and just decided to drink it all anyway.

Perhaps our intrepid hero was inspired by the Cubs fans that came before him -- specifically, this Cubs fan, who pulled off roughly the same feat during a game last year:

Not the most efficient method of beer consumption? Sure. But you know the saying: Loss of beverage is temporary, but glory lasts forever.