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A Cubs fan wound up with Addison Russell's Game 6 grand slam after an Indians fan threw it back

Photo: Real/Time Correspondent Hailey Ellis

Cubs fans tossing opposing teams' home runs back onto the field is something of a tradition. Due to a reversal of that phenomenon in Chicago's 9-3 win over the Indians in Game 6 of the World Series, one lucky Chicago supporter wound up with a pretty top-tier souvenir.

Addison Russell's game-changing grand slam in the third inning staked the Cubs to a 7-0 lead that they wouldn't relinquish. The ball wound up in the hands of an Indians fan after clearing the left-center-field wall, shot deep into the night on the strength of this sweet swing:


Thanks to the Indians' ballboy, however, the ball wound up in the hands of a Cubs fan named Joe Wright. Apparently, after landing in the seats a Cleveland fan tossed the ball back onto the field. Once the ballboy retrieved it, he spotted Wright and threw it to him. Real-Time Correspondent Hailey Ellis caught up with Wright for the photo atop this post, as well as some great context about what brought him to Game 6.

A Chicago native, Wright comes from a lineage of Cubs fans on his father's side, and went to all three of the World Series games at Wrigley Field last weekend. He'll also be back on Wednesday for the drama and emotion of an all-important Game 7.

He was at Game 6 with his friend, David Abramowitz (pictured atop this post with the prized baseball), the father of one of his son's best friends.

Perfect story, huh?

Said Wright:

"I'm still shaking. This means so much to me. I have two little boys at home that got to go to Game 3 with me so it's very special for all of us. What an amazing moment."

Considering the historic weight of the 22-year-old Russell's huge blast, that's obviously a treasure that Mr. Wright won't forget any time soon.

(h/t CBS Chicago)

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