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Cubs fans turned Dodger Stadium into Wrigley Field West in Game 5

You could be forgiven if you mistook Dodger Stadium's first-base line for "Wrigley Field - West" on Thursday night following the Cubs' 8-4 victory in Game 5 of the NLCS. While most filed out to the parking lot, the assembled Cubs fans in attendance were having a block party behind the visitor's dugout. 
The section was full with fans in blue-and-red gear and there were numerous white 'W' flags unfurled and being waved in the air, with spontaneous outbreaks of "Go Cubs Go" sing-alongs and "Let's go Cubs" chants overlapping every few minutes. 
It shouldn't be too surprising. Not only was there once a Wrigley Field in Los Angeles that was home to the Los Angeles Angels and Hollywood Stars of the Pacific Coast League, but the Cubs used to train on nearby Catalina Island -- creating a hotbed of Cubs fanatics along the way. Plus, there are plenty of Chicago transplants that have found their way to LA, creating a cult-like following of the Cubbies in the city. 
Which is how Janine, Randall and Carmen ended up at the game. Current Los Angeles residents that originally hail from Chicago, they couldn't leave their Cubs fandom behind. Janine, an eighth grade teacher, even hangs her Cubs Win flag in her classroom. "They get me good," Janine said of her students, her voice hoarse from cheering. "They talk mess all day long. Tomorrow I get to go in there and talk mess." 
And then there are those families who flew out from Chicago to follow their team in the postseason. If you're going to do that, you need to shave the win flag into your head like 13-year-old Mitch did: 

"In the past I've got the 'C' in the back of my head," Mitch said, "Since they're in the postseason, [I've] gotta get something special."
Of course, Mitch may be fated to follow this team: His middle name is not only Baker in honor of former Cubs and current Nationals manager Dusty, but he was also born on Oct. 14, 2003. You might know that better as Steve Bartman day. 
With only five wins separting the Cubs from World Series glory, you may soon see a lot more haircuts with the 'W' flag prominently featured. 
Tune in to watch the Cubs take on the Dodgers back in Wrigley's friendly confines for Game 6 on Saturday at 8 p.m. ET on FS1.