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The Cubs held a session of Cubs Bingo, and their fans just couldn't get enough

This weekend, a glorious celebration of all things Cubs hit Chicago, as thousands of fans and several players came together at the 2017 Cubs Convention.
Among the many fan-centered festivities on Saturday included a spirited session of Cubs Bingo, which, you'll see below, elicited World Series-levels of excitement from the fans taking part: 

Here's what the scene looked like before doors opened: 

Then, as seen atop this post, fans poured into the hall eager to take part in the fun -- which featured a Cubs-themed scoreboard: 

Everything was emblazoned with the letters "C-U-B-S," actually (though that's hardly a surprise): 

In all, Cubs Bingo involved the cooperation of roughly 3,200 fans. That's a pretty great showing.