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7 days until Spring Training: What's your adorable Cubs friendship nickname?

Though it came as a surprise to Anthony Rizzo , he and Kris Bryant have a friendship nickname: Bryzzo.

As a fan of the Cubs, don't you think you deserve a friendship nickname too?

A new season is beginning, and you're going to see your old Cubs buddies again. There will even be a few new faces around.(What's up, J-Hey, Ben Zobrist and Muni?)

But who would make the best best friend? The candidates are: 

Kyle Schwarber

Schwarber would make a great BFF, because he knows how to step up. If you need something, he will come through. Like, through the atmosphere. Remember the home run he hit during last year's NL Wild Card Game?


In a do-or-die game, he hit a ball straight out of PNC Park. Imagine him bringing that kind of dedication to your friendship. Plus, when Rizzo thought "Bryzzo" might need to be retired due to Bryant's engagement, Schwarber was there for him too:

Anthony Rizzo

Speaking of Rizzo, as you may have heard (because we just told you), he's considering letting "Bryzzo" rest for a while. That means he needs a replacement, and it might as well be you. Why wouldn't you want to hang out with him? He'll bring snacks:


Sure, he's not great at everything, but he does know actual magic and will demonstrate it on the basepaths and probably when you're hanging out. He'll be the Harry Potter to your Ron or Hermione.


Kris Bryant

Why should Bryant be your BFF? Well, first of all, he's willing to drive you around. Second, he's got a lot of great stories to tell, like that time he hit a home run off his own face. And just like Schwarber, he's willing to go the distance. You know, distance, like the 495-foot homer he hit last season.


Addison Russell

You know why you want to be friends with Addison Russell? He's cool with your devotion to him. Want to shave a picture of his face onto your own head? That's just fine:


After, all, why wouldn't you be devoted to him? He will defend you from all harm, and you can trust his defense:

Jake Arrieta

Jake Arrieta is the kind of friend you can relax with. Go ahead; just hang out in onesies all day.


But he's also the kind of friend who's willing to try new things. Want to take a trapeze class? Arrieta will probably do it with you. After all, he didn't win his 2015 Cy Young Award by remaining static. In 2013, his ERA was 4.78. In 2014, it was 2.53. Last season, it was 1.77, with a record-setting second-half mark of 0.75. Clearly he wasn't afraid to make a few adjustments … including whatever this is:


Ben Zobrist

If Arrieta is the guy who's willing to embrace new experiences, Zobrist is the one who already knows how to do everything. During his ten years in MLB, he's played every position but pitcher and catcher. If you're Leslie Knope in this friend metaphor, he's Ron Swanson -- it seems like he always has the expertise required for every job.

Jason Heyward

Heyward is new to the Cubs, but his arms are open for you:


You can trust him to be there for you, just like you can trust him to save runs, knock in runs and anything in between. Plus, if you're hanging out with J-Hey, the sun is always shining wherever you are:


Munenori Kawasaki

Don't even pretend you need to be convinced to befriend new Cub Munenori Kawasaki.


Don't even.


Of course, your heart might be telling you to choose one of these players as your new BFF, but real friendship is left up to the universe. Or random internet generators, they're basically the same thing.

That means it's time for a friendship nickname of your very own. Type in your own last name below to find out which Cubs player is your nickname buddy - even if he doesn't know it yet.

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