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Kyle Schwarber's NLDS homer ball has been removed from the Wrigley Field scoreboard

during game four of the National League Division Series at Wrigley Field on October 13, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. (David Banks)

Nothing lasts forever. Dinosaurs once roamed the Earth, the Sphinx had a nose and Wings once ruled the airwaves.
Add one other piece of lore lost to history: Kyle Schwarber's home run over the Wrigley scoreboard. 
Like a modern-day Babe Ruth, Kyle Schwarber, blasted a ball high over the scoreboard during Game 4 of the NLDS against the Cardinals. It was one of the defining moments of the postseason:

Given the importance of the moment, along with the majesty of the shot, the Cubs decided to leave the ball there, covering it in glass as a testament to human power. 
It turns out future generations won't be able to gaze upon the ball, as it has been removed. Cubs spokesman Julian Green (not the soccer player) told the Chicago Tribune that the ball had been removed, but was sure to say that the Cubs did have the ball in a "safe, secure space." Which means Indiana Jones stole it and is giving it to a museum right now.
Schwarber was asked about it, but he didn't seem to mind the ball's removal. "I'm sure someone will find me at some point and talk to me about it," he said. "If they don't want to do anything with it, I'll take it -- definitely."