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The Cut4 Road Trip, Day 9: The Ty Cobb Museum is in an office park

The guys behind Cespedes Family BBQ have embarked on a cross-country road trip to see as many Top-100 MLB prospects as possible.You can find an introduction to the trip and their full schedule by clicking here

Located on the ground floor of a health care center in Royston, Ga., the Ty Cobb Museum is in many ways the opposite of the Hall of Fame. While the Hall in Cooperstown is dedicated to baseball's vast and diverse history, the Ty Cobb Museum revolves around Ty Cobb and Ty Cobb only. Here are our three favorite things about the museum:

1) Ty Cobb's fez. Why does Ty Cobb have a fez? How did he get a fez? Did he even know what a fez is? Did he understand the importance of Ataturk banning the fez in 1925 in order to culturally westernize Turkey after World War I? *History Major Fist Pump*


2) In 1921, this trophy was given to Ty Cobb by Tigers fans for being "the world's greatest ball player." The logistical aspects of a fan base putting something like this together without a group text or an email chain is pretty impressive. Also, could you imagine this happening today? "Hey Mike Trout, me and a bunch of other Angels fans thought you were really good at baseball so we got you a silver trophy."


3) It's literally located on the ground floor of an office complex. After the lady at the desk sold us our tickets, her next task was to assist a woman in the lobby who was confused about where her doctor's appointment was located. Here's a full list of what you can find in the Joe A. Adams Professional Building. 


Looking for the public defender's office? Look no further. It's right over there -- no, not that -- that's the Ty Cobb museum.


But for real, you should go to this place if you ever find yourself in the general vicinity of Atlanta. It's super cool, and the people there are very nice and if you get into any legal trouble, there's actually a great public defender there. 

SunTrust Park

The first home run at SunTrust Park, the new Braves stadium set to open next season, will be hit by a professional baseball player. It'll most likely be Freddie Freeman, but it could also be J.T. Realmuto. However, the first bat flip at SunTrust will not be carried out by a professional baseball player. It will not be performed by Ender Inciarte or Adam Duvall or even Joey Terdoslavich. That's because the first bat flip at SunTrust Park was done by Jake Mintz, amateur baseball player and blogger extraordinaire. 

After receiving a cavalcade of perplexed looks from some construction workers, we departed the ATL with nothing but a flipped bat or two in our wake.

Montgomery Biscuits

Yes, there's a professional baseball team called the Biscuits. It's funny, it's goofy, it's amazing, etc.

We here at the CFBBQ are big video game fans, baseball video games in particular. Professional baseball players are, in many cases, also baseball fans and dudes who enjoy playing video games. Minor Leaguers especially use gaming as a way to pass the time on long road trips. We talked to Rays prospects Ryne Stanek (No. 17) and Jake Bauers (No. 5) about some of the games they played growing up and what kind of games they play now to stay busy off the field.

We also sat down with No. 3 Rays shortstop prospect Willy Adames. Adames found out earlier this week that he'd made the World Team roster for the 2016 Futures Game. We're on our way there too, and even though Adames declined a ride there in the back of our Toyota Highlander, he did so politely.

A Baseball Game Appeared: Mobile BayBears at Montgomery Biscuits

Hu pitched, Bauers had two opposite-field knocks, and Stanek threw a ball 100.3 miles per hour, which is significantly faster than we've driven all trip.

Where We Woke Up: Commerce, GA

Where We Slept: Montgomery, AL

Miles Driven: 296

Miles Driven To-Date: 2,824

Time in Car: 4:58

Time in Car To-Date: 47:51

Tomorrow's Plan: Golf. You'll see.