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Here's your guide to the perfect ballpark date

You know what's fun? Going to baseball games. You know what else is (mostly) fun? Going on dates. So why not combine those two things? If you decide to take your crush to a game this season, we've got some tips for you. So go ahead and take that special someone out to a ballgame. Just remember …
Have a game plan if you end up on the Kiss Cam.
And if you and your date happen to be fans of rival teams … well, you should have a game plan for that, too.

Know what to doif you catch a foul ball
Pay attention to the game AND your date, since thrown or batted balls and bats can be dangerous. And if you do happen to make a good catch, don't be afraid to express a little affection:

Exercise caution when engaging in debates about hot-button baseball issues
Too many intense takes can sour a mood. But some debate is probably good -- are you really gonna continue to date someone who doesn't know how many it takes to bat around?
Get an ice cream helmet.
Ice cream helmets are awesome. And with two spoons, you can share! You're at a game -- just enjoy the snacks and the ballpark atmosphere.
Make sure you get your date tickets right by yours.

It would be pretty awkward if you splurged on a field box seat and stuck your date in the upper deck.
Get too emotional if your team loses or is on the wrong side of a big moment
 … unless your date feels the same way. In that case, go nuts.

But don't heckle anyone. No one wants to date a heckler.
Jump in front of a kid to steal a foul ball.
It won't impress your date and it's bad form overall. Unless you're Adrián Beltré. Then you can "steal" all the foul balls you want:

Expect that your big tray of concession stand fare is safe from foul balls
Especially if Paul Goldschmidt is around:

Explain every single thing that happens
Presumably you're at a ballgame together because you're both fans of the sport. You don't need to explain what WAR is unless they ask you to. 
Coordinate outfits
… unless you can pull it off like this couple:

But if you do, keep track of the ring: