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Yankees fan attempts to propose on the scoreboard, realizes he lost the ring

They say that fortune favors the bold, and there are few gestures as bold as the ballpark proposal. Alas, as one Yankee fan learned during New York's 6-4 win over the Red Sox on Tuesday, fortune has some ground rules before it grants you the Vin Scully soundtrack of your wildest dreams. Namely: If you're going to pop the question on a scoreboard in front of tens of thousands of Yankee fans, make sure you know where the ring is. 

That's Andrew Fox of New Castle, Pa., seen just moments after discovering that the box he thought held his engagement ring actually held ... nothing. 
But wait! There's a happy ending! New Yorkers look after their own, after all, and soon enough, Fox's entire section was on the case. Within a few minutes, the ring had been secured -- and don't worry, she still said yes. caught up with the eventually happy couple for a quick Facebook Live chat, and Fox gave us an explanation: Apparently, the ring popped right out as soon as the box was opened -- while he was on one knee.

We are LIVE with the stars of #RingGate at Yankee Stadium.‌

Posted by MLB on Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Look on the bright side, Andrew: At least she was in the ballpark at the time.