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Kyle Freeland isn't sure what a 'Kyle Freeland Guy' is

Rockies starter Kyle Freeland is an enthusiastic guy. He's a left-handed guy. He's a Colorado-born-and-bred guy. But is he a Kyle Freeland Guy?
Last week, Freeland was spotted cheering on his team from the dugout and it spawned a meme -- the Kyle Freeland Guy:

But what does it mean? On the Cut4Cast this week, Dakota Gardner and Gemma Kaneko asked the man himself, but even he didn't know what it meant. He also talked about his dogs, and pitching with mosquitoes in your face (20:43). 
Dakota and Gemma also pick their favorite All-Star Week event (1:19) and invent brand-new ones (16:58). To listen to the entire episode, find it on the Cut4Cast iTunes page or click play below: