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Nolan Arenado has gone on a homer-hitting hot streak since we met his doll doppelganger

Chucky. Robert. All those little creepy aliens from "Toy Story." The world is filled with living, supernaturally powered dolls if you know where to look. And there's a new one who is making his presence felt in the general vicinity of Coors Field: He is the miniature version of Nolan Arenado and he has (home run) power beyond your wildest dreams.
We were first introduced to Nolito a little over two weeks ago -- 18 games, to be exact. There they were: The larger, fleshier Arenado sitting back, looking at his phone, while the mini-Nolan was swaddled up in a blanket with headphones and his own cellphone. Yes, even living dolls need to check Twitter, it seems. 

So, while Arenado was having a fantastic season before being introduced to the doll, he's picked up the pace. Check it out: 
Pre-doll: .307/.399/.537, 12 HR in 268 PA
Post-doll: .329/.393/.822, 10 HR in 84 PA
His latest came on Tuesday night in the Rockies' 8-1 victory against the Giants. Arenado went 2-for-4 with the latest of those 10 dingers that you can watch at the top of this post.
After taking the knee-high pitch and depositing it to dead-center field, Arenado rounded the paces and hollered with joy. 

That's kind of his thing -- his brand, if you will. After making Ross Stripling almost leap out of his uniform when he golfed the curve out of the yard, Arenado gave another scream: 

But, and hear me out, what if the reason he screams is because the Arenado doll came to life and started playing for the Rockies? What if he's able to expertly mimic Arenado's swing and high-flying defense, but has yet to master human speech? Is that not completely out of the realm of possibility? 
I mean, just look at this. Is this not a living doll learning how his anatomy works? 

OK, fine, Arenado is probably the real-life, human version of himself. And his recent hot streak is most likely not connected to the eldritch powers of his miniature doll. But we can't say for 100 percent certain. Even Arenado himself isn't entirely convinced. 
When asked if there was a connection between the doll -- who now lives somewhere in the training room -- and his power surge, Arenado said, "No," before adding, "But ... actually maybe. I don't know. Maybe." 
Charlie Blackmon doesn't believe in the myth, though. "I think Nolan's pretty good," the bearded outfielder said. "Whether or not he has the doll, I don't think that makes a difference." But isn't that the answer the skeptic in horror movies always says before being proven wrong?