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This kid at the TCU-Coastal Carolina CWS game is our new comedy hero

Sometimes, the camera finds you. If you find the camera at that moment and know what to do with it, good things can happen.
This is the story of one young fan in the stands at TCU's College World Series matchup with Coastal Carolina on Saturday night, which was won by Coastal Carolina, 7-5, despite some creative rally-time activities by the Horned Frogs.
Some resourceful camera operator noticed a young fan making eye contact with the camera, and it led to an ongoing exchange of smirks, raised eyebrows, and a steely gaze that the kid didn't shake for some time:

Eventually, his mom seems to have shown him the buzz he was causing on social media, having amassed instant fans due to his comedic efforts:

Not everyone can pull off deadpan comedy, but this young man apparently has a gift. Remember this if we see more of him a few years from now …