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This D-backs fan snagged a home run in one hand while holding a tray of food in the other

In the top of the fourth inning of Saturday's Phillies-D-backs game, Philadelphia starter and newly crowned #PitcherWhoRakes Ben Lively drilled a homer into the seats just over the wall in right-center. The ball headed right toward one lucky Arizona fan, who was about to get a shot at his very own Major League souvenir.

There was just one problem: He happened to be holding a very full tray of food at the time -- a combination that has proven catastrophically messy in the past. So, what would our intrepid hero do? Sacrifice food in the pursuit of glory, or make sure his meal remained intact?

In the words of one of the Internet's finest memes: Why not both?


A clean, one-handed catch, while his food remains secure. We may not have Statcast for the bleachers yet, but that's a five-star grab in our book.