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D-backs fan reaches for foul ball immortality, receives only an empty beer cup

Every fan dreams of the glory of a foul ball snag, the feeling of triumph over fellow fans and basic probability that comes with catching a small white ball with your bare hand/hat/drink. But, as the saying goes, "nothing ventured, nothing gained." A fan can only achieve greatness if they're willing to risk it all, and sometimes, things don't quite work out -- a lesson one D-backs fan learned all too well during Friday's game against the Giants. 
When Nick Ahmed lifted a popup over the first-base dugout, our intrepid hero had visions of grandeur: He wasn't just going to bring in this souvenir, he was going to do it with his cup of beer. He chose ... poorly:

A tough break, to be sure. But take heart: It happens to the best of us, and you'll have your chance at redemption. In order to make sure you're prepared, we've collected some of the finest examples of the form for your perusal.