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Watch Luis Gonzalez, Baxter and some D-backs friends pull off a baseball pool dunk at Chase Field

If I asked you to watch someone dunk a baseball through a basketball hoop while jumping into the Chase Field pool, you'd probably say, "Sure, why not." Trick shot dunks are fun, especially if they involve iconic ballpark amenities. But you've probably seen pool dunks before. 
However, if I asked you to watch someone dunk a baseball into the pool from the Chase Field rafters through a series of intricate steps, like a Rube Goldberg machine made of people, you'd say, "YES, DEFINITELY, RIGHT NOW."
Well, Luis Gonzalzez, Baxter the Bobcat and the folks at Whistle Sports have you covered:

For those keeping track at home, that dunk involved a ...
1. Throw from rafters to the upper deck
2. Throw from the upper deck to the field
3. Juggling throw from the foul pole to the third base dugout
4. Throw to J.J. Putz
5. Pitch to Luis Gonzalez (!!)
6. Grounder to second
7. Toss to Baxter at first
8. Four-wheeler ride to the pool
9. Bounce toss off of a mini-trampoline
10. Alley-oop from a pool float
11. DUNK