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With great instincts, this Dad with a baby made an incredibly relaxed foul catch

Armed with nothing more than lightning-quick parental instincts and the benefits of Dad strength, Major League Baseball has seen a rash (non-diaper variety) of baby-toting fathers making catches on fly balls.
There was the Pirates fan, then two days later, this Red Sox fan. Last year even saw a Dad make the catch with both baby and beer in hand. Thursday night saw another fan pull in a catch as this Dad did on Kevin Pillar's line drive during the Blue Jays-Phillies game

With his daughter Emily lounging, our intrepid hero, Brian Kucharik told the broadcast:
"I've been playing for about 30 years now. It looked like a normal fly ball from the outfield, I put my hand up -- I'm lefty -- so with my right hand, catching the ball was pretty easy." He was plenty relaxed -- even though he lost his french fries along the way. 

Luckily, the Phillies awarded him a brand new basket of fries:

Video courtesy of Alex Nolan / Real-Time Correspondent
Of course, given the spike in Dad-related catches, it is time for science to ask the question: Are the babies drawing the baseballs toward them, perhaps through some bizarre babies-only center of gravity?
Although it was a good night off the field in Philadelphia, the Blue Jays rode five home runs to a 13-2 victory.