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Dan Haren says Jeff Mathis was the best catcher he ever threw to, much to the dismay of A.J. Ellis

There's no more personal relationship on the diamond than that between a pitcher and his catcher. So when former Marlin Dan Haren heard about the great work Miami's backup catcher Jeff Mathis is doing with the team's pitching staff, he felt compelled to give his ex-batterymate a shoutout:

Unfortunately, this feel-good moment was shortlived. Because while Mathis was Haren's backstop of choice, one of his other catchers had other ideas. And when A.J. Ellis gets into a Twitter beef, he fights dirty -- not even Haren's stuff (er, "salad") was safe:

From there, things only got worse, as the two traded comebacks with no end in sight. Someone, please, think of Clayton Kershaw:

But while Haren clearly thought giving the staff ace the royal treatment was a sick burn, Ellis ... failed to see the problem:

Guys, guys, guys! Please, stop the madness. Think of all the good times -- the cornhole games, and reality television appearances -- and focus on our one common enemy: the exercise bike.