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Daniel Murphy's try for a hustle double led to a jump-slide that knocked Eric Sogard's cap off

In the fourth inning of the Nats' 3-2 win over the Brewers on Saturday night, Daniel Murphy did what he does best: slap a base hit to the outfield. As the Brewers corraled the ball and began returning it to the infield, Murphy noticed nobody was at second base.
So, after a slight hesitation after rounding the first-base bag, he took off for second in an attempt to turn a single into a hustle double. And he'd have had it, were it not for second baseman Eric Sogard. Holding the baseball, he dove for the bag, prompting Murphy to try hurdling over Sogard. It didn't quite work, but it looked wild -- and Sogard lost his cap in the process: 

This type of sequence is always a sight to see, with arms and legs flailing in every direction. And while they don't always work, kudos to the players involved both for the effort, as well as the determination by the fielders to stand their ground and make the play.