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Daniel Norris welcomed Blake Griffin to Detroit in a very Daniel Norris way

(Carlos Osorio)

On Monday, the Detroit Pistons pulled off perhaps the blockbuster trade of the NBA Trade Deadline by acquiring Blake Griffin from the Los Angeles Clippers to help bolster a run at the postseason. It was a huge move, one that even the Tigers' resident Oklahoma City Thunder fan, Michael Fulmer, had to acknowledge:

That's a kind gesture on Fulmer's part, right? He didn't have to do that -- he's a stand-up guy.
Unfortunately for Fulmer, being a stand-up guy doesn't mean that you're immune to a little ribbing from your friends. Rotation mate Daniel Norris immediately joined the conversation on Twitter and welcomed Griffin in his own manner:

Hopefully Griffin brought his bus fare to the Pistons game.
What else could Fulmer do but dryly thank Norris for his support? He responded to that, too:

Hey, the Pistons won their first game with Griffin on Thursday, so mission accomplished.