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Daniel Vogelbach crushed an absolutely massive home run over the 'Hit it Here' sign in Seattle

Daniel Vogelbach is a big man. So, it only makes sense that he hits big home runs, too. After hitting his first Major League dinger on Friday night, Vogelbach was bach at it on Saturday against the A's
In the bottom of the seventh, Vogelbach sent Emilio Pagan's offering way bach and over the "Hit it Here" sign. According to Statcast, this was a 433-foot shot: 

Just as your jaw most likely dropped after seeing that, Vogelbach's teammates couldn't help but be shocked. Nelson Cruz pulled some faces: 

The rest of his teammates wanted to celebrate, too. Check out Jean Segura giving some belly tickles: 

Of course, there may be a reason for the power. While I don't want to get too excited, there's more than a passing similarity between Vogelbach's two-handed power punch and the Sultan of Swat's sweet stroke: