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Dansby Swanson and Nick Markakis teamed up to catch Jose Reyes napping off second base

They say to always keep your head in the game. Dansby Swanson sure did.
The Mets were already leading, 5-0, in the third inning on Wednesday night in Atlanta, and the Braves had to find creative ways to get outs. There was one down, but José Reyes was on second base.
Then, T.J. Rivera lifted a fly ball to Nick Markakis in right field. It looked like it would be a routine play, but after Markakis caught the ball, Swanson noticed that Reyes was in no hurry to get back to the bag.
Subtly, Swanson called for the ball behind the runner, and Markakis obliged. With Reyes still not paying attention, he was a dead duck.

It was a double play, the inning was over, and Reyes was left with nothing but egg on his face. The Mets shook it off and ended up winning anyway, 16-5.
At least Reyes isn't alone in recent embarrassment on the basepaths. Just last Saturday, Yadier Molina caught Eugenio Suárezoff third base after a walk.

Heads-up baseball is contagious!