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David Freese and Gerrit Cole teamed up for a play straight out of the Harlem Globetrotters handbook

Sometimes, during a baseball game, a player won't make what looks like an easy play and us, as fans, will be like, "C'mon!? I could've made that play!" Then we'll stuff another handful of potato chips into our mouths and sulk farther back into our recliner La-Z-Boys.
David Freese had one of those misplays on a Norichika Aoki grounder in the third inning of Wednesday's Mariners-Pirates game, but then, before fans could utter a word, he went ahead and did this with Gerrit Cole:

Andrew McCutchen crushed a big three-run home run, Josh Harrison hit a weird triple and Cole, who ended up pitching his first career complete game in the Pirates' 10-1 victory, talked to's Adam Berry about the circus play:
"We talked before about communication, going over there. I just luckily saw him barehand it and come around. I was able to anticipate him coming around that side. He led me really well. I wasn't going to reach with my glove to go get it. He led me right to the bag. That was a really good play."
A perfect behind-the-back toss to a waiting bare hand? Somebody cue up the Sweet Georgia Brown.