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David Freese made an incredible one-handed catch when Todd Frazier's bat flew at the Dodgers' dugout

There are several ways for a baseball player to make a good impression on his new team. A clutch hit or striking out an opposing hitter in a key situation will usually do the trick. David Freese found an even cooler way to earn the admiration of his Dodgers teammates on Monday. Quite simply, he saved them from potential harm.
Todd Frazier was hitting in the top of the fourth inning when he lost control of his bat on a foul ball. The stick went flying into the net above the Dodgers' dugout ...

... and right into Freese's outstretched hand -- much to the Dodgers' delight.
Freese capably handled all 10 putouts at first base in his Dodgers debut on Saturday, so count this one-handed catch as No. 11.