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David Hess' reaction to serving up three homers to the Rays was relatable to anybody who's had a rough day

The Rays continued their early season surge on Wednesday, beating the Orioles, 8-1, at Tropicana Field.

Taking the loss was right-hander David Hess -- whose display on the mound after allowing a trio of home runs ought to be relatable to anybody who's ever had that sense of, "Oh, C'MON, man!" at any point in their job or daily life.

Just watch this sequence showcasing the three dingers Hess allowed on the night: Brandon Lowe in the first inning, Yandy Díaz in the third inning and Ji-Man Choi in the fifth:

We should all have that whimsical sort of "Aw jeez, not again!" reaction to plans going awry. It definitely looks better than the alternative ...