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David Ortiz got a little frustrated, so he broke a bat right in two over his leg

In his final MLB season, David Ortiz doesn't have many reasons to be upset. He's in the middle of his farewell tour, receiving awesome gifts like a giant jar of peanut butter and a pair of personalized cowboy boots, and he's also really, truly, in every sense of the word crushing it, leading the American League in on-base and slugging percentage. In other words, there haven't been too many down moments for Big Papi in 2016.
But he's human. We all get frustrated sometimes. Not all of us are super-powerful, homer-mashing baseball players with giant wooden sticks at our disposal, but Ortiz is.

After flying out to deep right field for the second out of the fourth inning, Papi revealed his humanity. After going 1-for-4 on Friday night (cursing that dastardly shift), he apparently did not appreciate starting Saturday's game against the Rangers 0-for-2. 
But don't worry, he drew a walk in his next at-bat and went back to being the on-base machine he is. Slightly more frustrating, probably, was Boston's 10-3 loss to Texas