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David Ortiz opens massage parlor on first base, offering neck rubs to Twins' Byung Ho Park

Red Sox slugger David Ortiz is being toasted this season, his last before riding off into the laid-back land of retirement. A time that will surely be filled with relaxation, good vibes, and back/neck massages.
During Saturday's game at Target Field, a day after the Twins presented Ortiz with a fun gag gift as a token of farewell, recalling a prank pulled on him by then-Twins third baseman Corey Koskie involving peanut butter and underpants (really!), Ortiz handed out a gift of his own.
The recipient was Twins first baseman Byung Ho Park. After Ortiz reached first, he proceeded to lay his hands on Park's neck/shoulders area and give him a pretty nice-looking massage. Just because.

Will Papi continue this pop-up massage parlor for the rest of the season? Will he open a chain after hanging up his cleats for good? Probably not, but it'd be pretty great if he did.