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David Ortiz, Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada had a championship conference at the Marlins game

On Monday night, the Red Sox visited the Marlins for the first time since Derek Jeter's ownership group bought the team. The occasion made for the perfect opportunity for one of Jeter's most famous rivals from his playing days to visit Marlins Park -- David Ortiz.
The two franchise icons weren't alone, either. Jeter's close friend and fellow longtime Ortiz rival Jorge Posada was there as well. Now that they're no longer on the field, there's plenty of time to joke around:

The trio has 12 World Series rings between them, so could they have been swapping stories from championship seasons? Joking about heckling players in the Red Sox dugout? Or maybe they were just debating whether they preferred pancakes or waffles?
Either way, it's fun to see these three together again. And hey, since the game isn't at Fenway Park, Ortiz can even sneak on Posada's Yankees hat without Wally getting mad at him.