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Big Papi became a drummer and a manicurist in the premiere of 'David Ortiz Needs a Job'

(Clair, Michael)

Since retiring from the Red Sox -- despite endless overtures from fans and former teammates -- David Ortiz has been looking for something to fill his free time. Hence, his Fusion TV Show, "David Ortiz Needs a Job," which debuted last night. So, after looking for a job and finding a job, is Big Papi miserable now? Absolutely not. 
The slugger took to the percussion easily, showing that his at-bat prep hand claps weren't just for show: 

He then tried his hand at being a manicurist. But when it came time for the cuticle clipping, things got intense: 

What job will Ortiz stick with? Could the show possibly end with Ortiz deciding to play baseball again?!?! Probably not, but we can dream.