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David Ortiz is getting his very own TV show in the new year

There was something missing last year, something that ached the heart every night at 7:05 p.m. ET: There was no David Ortiz on our television screens (postseason analysis notwithstanding). Fortunately, that is going to be rectified very soon as Big Papi is returning to the small screen with a brand new show on Fusion called, "Big Papi Needs a Job." 
The premise is simple, but inspired: Ortiz is trying out a variety of new jobs after he's driven "his family nuts" after puttering around the house for the last year. It's like "Undercover Boss," but instead of it being your boss, it's arguably the greatest DH in the history of the game. 

Among the professions that Ortiz will try his hand at are stadium tour guide, dog groomer, manicurist and musician. We also think he would do a great job as the guy on the tarmac that signals to departing aircraft. All he needs is a reflective vest and some flares and he's ready to go: 

Any dream jobs you're hoping to see Ortiz try out? Tweet us @Cut4