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Here's your first look at David Ortiz's new reality show, featuring music and manicures

Last month, the baseball world was treated to some tantalizing news: David Ortiz was developing a TV show entitled "Big Papi Needs a Job," in which the legendary slugger would fend off retirement ennui by ... trying a bunch of different jobs. It was almost too good to be true -- like "Undercover Boss," but with 100 percent more footage of Ortiz dabbling in dog grooming. The only downside? The show wouldn't debut until Jan. 31.
On Friday, though, we got a sneak peek: Fusion and Yahoo! Sports released two new clips, and they're every bit as wonderful as you'd expect. Ever wondered what Papi would look like as a musician? Here you go:

We're fairly confident you've never wondered what Ortiz would look like working at a nail salon, but here you go anyway:

We can only hope that play-by-play announcer is also on the list.