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David Ortiz was on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' and shared an unusual fear


David Ortiz was in New York City on Monday night, getting ready for his final series against the Yankees, and he found some time to stop by "Late Night with Seth Meyers."

As you can see, he looked pretty sharp:

Look at those shoes! Or don't look at them, because they might blind you with their beauty.
Now, you may think you've seen Ortiz on late night TV before:

But shockingly, that's not the real David Ortiz. That's Kenan Thompson (gasp). But Ortiz has always been a good sport about it. When Thompson invented a fake gym called "Iguananox," Papi played along:

That's why it might surprise you to learn that Ortiz is actually kind of frightened of iguanas.
"That was the first time I ever have seen an iguana in my life, ever. I was playing it out kind of cool, but I was scared," he told Seth.

He also discussed some of his recent retirement gifts, like the giant LEGO statue that makes him think of stepping on his kids' toys all the time:

And he speculated on the farewell gift he might get from Yankees fans:

Well … that's one way to say goodbye. But honestly, he'd probably prefer a second LEGO statue.