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David Ortiz's ceremonial first pitch sailed wide of the plate, prompting some Big Papi-sized laughs

On Friday night, Big Papi had his shining moment in Boston as his iconic No. 34 jersey was retired by the Red Sox before their game with the Angels. It was an occasion well-suited and deserved for the slugger, who was a larger-than-life icon for the club on and off the field throughout his 14 seasons in Beantown. 
It also set the stage for yet another classic Ortiz scene filled with laughter and smiling, something with which we're all very familiar when it comes to the man. Taking the Fenway Park mound for a ceremonial first pitch, Ortiz wound up and, well, let's just say that it wasn't a strike: 

Note the "Ahh, my shoulder!" gag from Ortiz as he laughed about the experience. But when you sit back and think about it, it isn't as if Ortiz had much experience on the mound over the years -- considering he never wound up in the 'position-player-pitching' situation. 
Could you imagine if he had, though? That'd have been pretty fun.