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David Ortiz's new life-sized LEGO statue has tattoos, weighs 170 pounds and is amazing

May we all do enough in our lives to warrant this kind of honor.

Wednesday was LEGO Day at Fenway Park, and before the Red Sox beat the Rays, 8-6, David Ortiz was celebrated in a manner reserved for a very select few: He was presented with his own life-sized LEGO statue, one that will take up a residence at the stadium. 

Weighing in at 170 pounds, involving more than 34,500 Lego pieces and more or less being about as tall as Big Papi himself, this thing is impressive:

It's not, you may recall, the first life-sized MLB portrait/statue of its kind to be unveiled this season. Almost exactly a month ago, the Giants positioned a huge Madison Bumgarner likeness at AT&T Park for all to see and stare at in wonder.


As for Ortiz's, it comes complete with tattoos, his signature point and requisite sunglasses, the same accessories given to his recent corn maze tribute as well. 

Nobody can say Ortiz's farewell season came and went without some colorful celebrations of his larger-than-life MLB career ...