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David Price took a moment to maintain the bullpen mound, so he's literally a #PitcherWhoRakes

The Red Sox won in David Price's ALCS Game 2 outing on Sunday, 7-5. Across 4 2/3 innings, the lefty struck out four. And while he did give up a home run and five hits, he almost cut his postseason ERA in half. When it came to Game 3 in Houston, on Tuesday, he proved he could straight rake -- no, not that kind of raking ... literal raking.
During the game, the Red Sox starter was seen in the bullpen fixing up the mound:

The broadcast said that raking the mound could be a type of therapy. But we all remember the days when we would call "not it!" when the chore was required after a doubleheader on a hot day.
Now we know that Price is truly a #PitcherWhoRakes.